Ace In The Hole

 |  Feb 2nd 2009  |   2 Contributions

Thanks to Cristy for barking this heartwarming story to me. Randy Dely, from Georgia, just got reunited with his Labrador Retriever Ace after five long years.

Ace' recently showed up at Michelle Golden's Beauregard home without a collar and Golden took him to Auburn University's School of Veterinary Medicine where she works in the pharmacy.

Staff members scanned him and found he had a computer chip with his owner's information.

Dely is from Americus, Ga. where he serves as Webster County's Sheriff. His dog somehow ended up more than a hundred miles away.

There is something to be said about microchipping your dog. It seems every time there is a reunion story it was thanks to being able to track down the owner via microchip.

Glad to hear Ace is back where he belongs.

* Midnight posing as Ace, what a beautiful girl.


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