Abused Dog Murphy Star Of Parade

 |  Dec 31st 2008  |   5 Contributions

Murphy the Australian Shepard who was found beaten in an Atlanta park is going to star in a parade. The dog made an amazing recovery after being rescued by Robert Kennedy, now his new dad, and is going to get to show everyone how great he's doing.

Murphy is going to be posing as a Golden Retriever for a day, walking in the Chick-fil-A Bowl parade Wednesday in downtown Atlanta. He will be walking with the Golden Retriever Rescue of Atlanta as part of the 1.25-mile parade.

The rescue group plans to give Murphy a sign, designating his honor as a Golden Retriever, said board member Kathy Akopov. It will be the first time many group members, who know Kennedy from his volunteer work there, will meet Murphy.

Robert Kennedy has two Golden Retrievers that were already planning on going to the parade. We're so happy to hear Murphy has made such an astonishing recovery and is going to participate in the parade. What a great start to a New Year and new life.

* I didn't have an updated Murphy pic, the cutie above is Sheila.


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