A Weather Plan Suggestion from a Dogster

 |  Apr 10th 2006  |   0 Contributions


Dahlila (above) and Lizzie (below) wrote in to remind us all that bad weather could be right around the corner. Its time to make some plans.

With hurricane,tornado,typhoon,and tsunami season rolling in just around the corner, Dahlila and Lizzie just want to remind all their kitty and doggy friends to tell their owners that it wouldn't be a bad idea to have an emergency plan in case of disaster. Have vet records, ID tags (maybe extra tags wouldn't hurt?), extra collars and leashes, medicines the furry family might need, microchip #, and pictures in case they get lost and missing posters and emergency contacts in case your furry friends get misplaced and found but the finder can't get hold of the owners so they have another number to use.

Stay Safe,

Dahlila and mom

Thanks Dahlila and Lizzie for reminding us that our furkids need us to plan ahead for their safety!



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