A Very Special Dogster Takes the ASPCA Stroll

 |  Mar 31st 2006  |   6 Contributions

Chloe Goes ASPCA orange!

There's a lot of great dogs on the ASPCA Birthday Stroll but here's one who has to work just a little bit harder to stroll at all. Her name is Chloe the Pug. The top photo here shows a darling girl but if you look at the bottom picture you'll see why Chloe's stroll is a bit harder than most. That's because she's strolling in a cart.

Chloe was a victim of abuse by a family that dumped her at the pound to be euthanized. But it must not have been her time to go because one of our loving Dogsters saved her and thus Chloe found her forever family.

So the next time we read about abused dogs, let's remember that there are many others like Chloe who find their human angels.

Chloe in her cart
Thanks to Howard Pugpants, Winnifred Wigglepants, Java Musclepants and Pantster Mom, Nancy for telling us all about Chloe.


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