A Tail of Devotion for Sydney

 |  Aug 11th 2006  |   5 Contributions


As I was scanning through the Tails of Devotion, this one caught my eye. It's short but so sweet and features a blind Dogster, Sydney. I could just see Sydney and his mom meeting for the first time!

My Tail of Devotion for Sydney

When I first saw you Sydney, you were a tiny messy ball of matted gray fur, huddled into the corner of a cage at the spca. I knew right away you were a schnauzer, so I ran over to your cage. A shelter volunteer let me hold you, and I remember you shivering in my arms as the other dogs' barks echoed through the room. I told you I would get you out of there. I didn't care that you had cataracts, I knew I could give you a happy and safe home. As the volunteer put you back in the cage, I saw gray and white hairs covering my black clothes. You'd left your mark on me. I remember when you went for that first grooming, and you came out of the back all trimmed and pretty, you looked like a real schnauzer and I wanted to cry. You were so beautiful and of course you still are. Sydney, you are the smartest dog I've ever known. Even with your blindness, you've always gotten around well, even if it took you a few days to learn the layout of places we've been and lived. You epitomize the saying that blind dogs see with their hearts. I love coming home to your little kisses, the only time you kiss anyone and the best part of my day.

Short and eloquent!


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