A Post-Launch Update for Our Page Customizers

If you customize your Dogster pet pages and something isn't showing up right, please read this.

 |  Mar 15th 2012  |   0 Contributions

Hi, everypawdy!

We hope that Dogster's pawesome new redesign isn't slowing you down. 

We've posted a lot about it, and we've been listening to what everyone is saying in the Dogster redesign group.

I hope that all of you who customize your pages have stopped holding your breath, now that you can see what we knew: that all your pages would be fine.

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Dogster member Danny checks out the new design of the site.

That said, there are two small exceptions. 

1. Pawple who use 966-pixel-wide fixed-width images might see some tiling of those images. 

Here is the CSS to add above your other custom codes: 

<style type="text/css"> #wrapper, #row_Findsection { width: 966px; } #dmg-footer { width: 966px; } </style>

2. The existing top and bottom nav customizers we're offering probably don't work yet. We do, however, have a solution we're working on pushing live so that you can keep your core color choices. We've had some challenges with Internet Explorer 7 and 8 (surprise, surprise), so once we've figured those out, we hope to have them live by next week.

As I always say, we love what you do and want you to enjoy your experiences here as much as we can.

Tail wags and head butts, 

Ted @ HQ


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