A Man Among Wolves on National Geographic Channel

 |  Apr 14th 2007  |   9 Contributions

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Now here's a must-see for Monday night! Let's see if I can list everything really interesting about this show. Grown and cub wolves in the wild! Man living with, learning from and nurturing wolves! Great photography!

Oh, and did I mention that the star, biologist Shaun Ellis, is really hunky in a I-don't care-what I-look-like-because-I-am-really-intelligent-way? Okay, I know that's a bit sexist but come on! Am I wrong?

Here's what the show site says about A Man Among Wolves:

Delve into the unique story of a maverick researcher named Shaun Ellis who raises abandoned wolf cubs and teaches them by example how to survive in the wild. In A Man Among Wolves, see how Shaun has given up everything to take a daring and unorthodox approach to understanding wolves every moveliving and behaving like them, howling, licking, and snarling like them, even eating carcass meat like them. This one-hour special documents this mans incredible journey to better grasp the complex nature of wolf society by immersing himself in their world as their accepted leader. It is a curious study that provides Shaun with one-of-a-kind insight into this feared predator.

So why ever you watch it, check out A Man Among Wolves Monday at 9 ET.


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