Going Green for Animals: Exclusive Video Clip

 |  Jun 20th 2008  |   3 Contributions

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Our friends at the Sundance Channel sent over an exclusive preview from next Tuesdays Animals episode of "The Green" series. It features the Dallas Animal Services & Adoption Center, which designed and built a green animal shelter. The new shelter is environmentally, animal- and human-friendly and makes the animals' time there a much healthier one. Click below to play the video.

Tuesday, June 24th
9:00pm e/p

Big Ideas for a Small Planet: Animals

Animals dont generate carbon footprints like we do, but having furry friends living among us is not without ecological impact. From zoos to shelters to pampered pets, this episode will explore how animals diets and living environments are increasingly reflecting the green-ness of their human guardians.

Sundance also has a guide with ways you can help animals and the environment.

Do you have suggestions on how to go green with your pet? Please bark them here!

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