A Dog in the White House? But When?

 |  Apr 10th 2009  |   3 Contributions

We have an Exclusive Special Guest Post by Sheryl Matthys...

When will there be Leashes and Lovers in the White House?

The Portuguese Water Dog is somewhat an unusual breed so it could be unlikely to show up in a shelter. What's your thoughts on their dog of choice? Would love to hear from you!

Enough goofing around with the bad economy, CEO's bonuses, trillion-dollar payouts, banks and car companies not surviving; let's get serious. Where's the dog for the White House?

I'm not alone on this, a lot of people really want to know when and what kind of dog the Obama family is getting and why it hasn't happened yet. Well, apparently President Obama said it's to happen soon, and we've heard Michelle Obama has narrowed the search for Sasha and Malia's dog to be a Portuguese Water Dog!

Access Hollywood's Maria Menounos tells me when she interviewed the Obama Family last year, she was just so excited to hear they were considering a dog and she showed them her dogs from her Blackberry.

If you're thinking, a water what? Here's a little info about this breed.The Portuguese Water Dog obviously loves to swim, is similar to a poodle and is considered a hypo-allergenic breed although every dog's skin flakes could cause a response from someone with allergies. Its size ranges from 40-60 lbs.

If you can't see the video click here.

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