A British Man and His Borrowed Pug -- a Current Video

 |  May 5th 2008  |   3 Contributions

This Current video, One Man and His Pug, is totally lovely, Tom Mitchelson takes us through an entertaining journey as he moves from deciding he wants a dog in his life to borrowing a pug to "test drive" the dog-driven life.

Our hero Tom is so cute as he searches dog breed descriptions, finally settling on a pug as his chosen breed. Next he takes us through the local pug meetings in the park. Pugs galore might be the other name of this part of the video.

Having decided on a pug, Tom then convinces a pug-mama to "loan" her beloved pugboy Captain to him for a few nights. I hve no idea how Tom actually convinced this woman to release Captain into his care but he does and then the fun REALLY begins!

Here's the blurb about "A Man and His Pug" from the Current site:

In our twenties are we now so truly hedonistic that even having a dog is seen as a responsibility equal to that of parenthood? Tom Mitchelson finds out by taking temporary ownership of a pet pug to find out more about the relationship between man and dog... and himself.


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