9 Research Dogs in Raleigh, North Carolina Vet School Need to Be Adopted by May 30th

 |  May 26th 2008  |   12 Contributions


Nine dogs in Raleigh, NC need to be rescued immediately!

Thanks to Lynn for barking this in. Please pass it on to anyone who could make the difference for these furbabies.

Hi All,
Laboratory Animal Resources at the Vet School has 9 dogs available to be adopted out immediately. These dogs have been offered before, and we had no takers.

These dogs will go to a terminal study, if we do not have any takers before May 30th. We would much rather see these dogs, who have given so much to research, go to a good home to live out the rest of their lives, but we cannot keep them here any longer.

Please contact me before May 30th if you are interested.

See link below for pictures:

ID# Name Sex Breed Age/ DOB

79131 Fallon F Retriever mix 5 yrs

83741 Isabelle F Foxhound 6 yrs

84522 Jacqueline F Beagle 1/30/02

61932 April F Lab mix 6-8 yrs

83740 Ikester M Foxhound 6 yrs

96348 Dabney FS Small mongrel 8/8/04

96349 Talley FS Small mongrel 8/24/04

96352 Carter MC Med mongrel 8/4/04

96354 Doak MC Med mongrel 8/4/04


Angel Rollins
Assistant Facility Manager
College of Veterinary Medicine
Laboratory Animal Resources
4700 Hillsborough Street
Raleigh, NC 27606
919-513-6340 - Phone


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