400,000 Dogster/Catster Members!!!! Woo-Hoo!!!!!

 |  May 2nd 2007  |   0 Contributions

Isn't this great???? I think its time for a MASSIVE Dogster/Catster howl/bark/meow fest!!!

Here's the official word from HQ:

Welcoming our 400,000th member!
Wow, this is really amazing! On Monday, April 30th, we welcomed our 400,000th member to the sites of Dogster and Catster! Isnt it just amazing to have all this cat and dog love all in one place!

Now, if you think thats an impressive number, heres a few more for you to chew on:
Dogster and Catster members have uploaded more than 2,000,000 cat and photos to the site
Members have formed more than 15,000,000 connections with other members
There are now more than 9,100 member-established Dogster and Catster groups.

Wow! Who WOULDNT want to be part of our pup and kitty loving community.


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