3 Sri Lankan Dogs Falsely Adopted from Shelter, Cruelly Used for Medical Research

 |  Jul 7th 2007  |   3 Contributions


This sad story comes to us via IFAW's Animal Rescue Blog.

Attention Needed: Dogs Adopted and Used For Medical Research

Even in some of the most remote areas, animals have found protection under the wing of caring individuals. It's always refreshing to hear rescue and adoption stories from these small, individually run shelters that rarely shine in the media spot light. But behind these good stories are the darker stores that need our attention.

News has just been brought to my attention that tragedy has struck a shelter in Sri Lanka; a shelter that has provided solice to stray and abused animals for close to 10 years. This shelter, run by KACPAW (Kandy Association for Community Protection through Animal Welfare), has been home to many companion animals that needed another chance at life. ("Kandy" being the name of the town where the shelter is located, not a warm and fuzzy adjective.)

Unfortunately a good adoption story went wrong. Three dogs adopted from the KACPAW shelter were thought to be going "home" and it turned out to be the the complete ugly opposite. They were sent to a research facility that in the end would remove several vital organs, leaving one of the dogs dead.

Follow this link to read the rest of the story.


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