26 Dogs Have Been Rescued from a UK Dog Fighting Ring

 |  Aug 26th 2006  |   0 Contributions

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By Luther Brady

It is being reported out of the UK that a raid by British authorities has resulted in the seizure of multiple fighting dogs. 26 dogs in total have been taken from a 1-bedroom Northolt residence, where it is believed that they were being used as part of a dog fighting ring.

The majority of the rescued dogs were Pit bull and Staffordshire bull terriers and are now in the custody of the police until it can be determined if they are able to be rehomed. Dogs that are bred specifically for fighting do not always make suitable house pets, thus the need to properly identify the dogs that can be rehomed and the dogs that would be a danger to the public.

Police have arrested 3 people and charged them all with various charges relating to the British "Dangerous Dog Act."


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