21-Pound Tumor Removed From Dog

 |  Sep 25th 2009  |   8 Contributions

warren1080761_400X300If I hadn't read this, and seen the pictures, I probably wouldn't have believed it.

A 21 lb. tumor was removed from Warren the Labrador retriever, saving the life of the 13-year-old dog.

Warren was operated on at Boston's Angell Animal Medical Center five months ago and has made wonderful progress since then.

Here are the details from WCVB TV from Boston.

BOSTON Surgeons at Bostons Angell Animal Medical Center removed a 21-pound tumor from a Labrador retriever, the largest tumor veterinarians there had ever seen.

Warren, 13, fully recovered from the surgery last spring to remove the tumor that had grown to one-sixth his body weight.

The tumor had grown so large it made walking difficult for the dog and his breathing became increasingly labored.

Surgeons faced the problem of dealing with the cavity that was created once the mass was removed.

Warren has since spent the past five months enjoying his lightened frame following the lifesaving surgery, Duddy said.

There is a picture of the tumor but it's too graphic to post. If you're the daring type, click here.

*Pic from Angell Animal Medical Center courtesy WCVB TV


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