1,600 Bags Of Dog Food Donated

 |  Mar 25th 2009  |   5 Contributions

This is not your normal donation story. The food was originally purchased to test new baggage conveyors at Sea-Tac International Airport. The Port of Seattle purchased the 1,600 bags, at a cost of $40,000, because the weight of the food was perfect for testing.

So, after the testing is over, what do you do with 12.7 short tons of dog food? What else, you donate it.

It's not uncommon for the Seattle Animal Shelter to get calls from people wanting to donate dog food. So when a woman called late last week about dropping some off, a receptionist told her to leave the bags in a bin near the entrance.

But there was a problem: 12.7 short tons of dog food wouldn't fit in a single bin.

"We have room for maybe a pallet's worth," said Kara Main-Hester, manager of shelter volunteer programs and fundraising. "We don't have a place to put all of it."

Last week, a staff member called Northwest Harvest, an organization that works with about 300 food banks and meal programs statewide.

"This will make a big difference for people, especially those who don't have much else" spokeswoman Claire Acey said Tuesday.

In today's economy more and more people are looking for pet food pantries to help out. The 1,600 bags of dog food is going to be a tremendous help in getting dogs who may not have had food get fed.

*Olio is a beautiful Chow Chow mix adoptable from the Seattle Animal Shelter, see more dogs on their Petfinder page.


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