12 Dog Fighting Pit Bulls Put Down

 |  Oct 20th 2009  |   4 Contributions

Sadly 12 of the 25 pit bulls that were rescued from the dog fighting ring in Buffalo, NY have been put down.tj1057006_1256136918

(AP) According to WHAM 13, officials at the Buffalo City Animal Shelter say they had to put 12 of the dogs down because they were extremely aggressive. Authorities say many of the dogs were covered in scars from fighting.

Out of the 13 surviving dogs 8 are puppies. Hopefully all the others will be adopted into loving homes. Once again we see the victims paying the ultimate price for the abusers crimes.

* PIC NOT RELATED TO ARTICLE: There was no pictures with the story so I put handsome TJ up to see if we could get him a home, he's a very gentle and loving boy. He's a lover, not a fighter. This cutie is being fostered in NY, check out his homepage.


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