100 Pounds Of Fur Shaved From Dogs

 |  Feb 19th 2009  |   6 Contributions

No, this wasn't some kind of bizarre contest. The dogs that were shaved came from a puppy mill in Greene County, MO raided last week.

So far, three of ninety-three dogs have been put down because of circulation problems that were caused due to the conditions in which they were kept.

The severe matting, which caused the circulation problems, was so bad some of the dogs could not bend their legs. A few of the dogs have had to have limbs amputated in order to save them. Other dogs with less serious conditions will still need weeks of rehabilitation.

The dogs were taken to St. Louis after the raid, where they are receiving medical treatment. Interest in adopting the dogs has been overwhelming, even affecting the society's phone system due to the volume of calls.

Anyone who is interested in adopting one of the dogs is asked to go to the society's Web site at www.hsmo.org. The local Humane Society is not involved in the case and has none of the dogs.

The Humane Society is pushing for prosecution of the owners of these dogs.


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