10 Reasons Dogs Hate Halloween

 |  Oct 8th 2009  |   40 Contributions


At Dogster's World Headquarters our inboxes are always brimming over with adorable pup photos, and sometimes they're just too good to keep to ourselves. This month, the Halloween theme has predictably taken over these little love letters, and the cute is oftentimes accompanied by a dollop of "wow, that poor creature." So, for your afternoon lulz, behold our roundup of the most, er, inspired costumes we've received in the mail thus far.

Is it just us or does Halloween seem to be way more fun for the dog owner than the costume wearer? Here are 10 reasons we imagine our furry friends might loathe this spooky holiday:




10. It's no fun sharing the position of "Top Banana" with three other dogs.




9. We imagined we'd look more dignified in "service dog" garb.




8. It is more fun to eat than be eaten.




7. The Force is weak with some costumes.




6. A stove top is no place for a dog. As for a pot, don't even go there.




5. We'd like to maintain on all fours, thank you very much.





4. By no means lock our favorite plaything away.




3. If you need to turn your pet into a sex symbol, you may have a problem.




2. If you must dress us up, at least make an honest effort.




1. See #2.


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