Gizmo's Gift History

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Stars Received (3)

July 2007
Dogster Dog
November 2008

Stars Given

Gizmo has not given any Stars yet.

Rosettes Received (27)

November 2005
Jombie (9.23.1997-2.15.14)
January 2006
George Underwood
Gussie Finknottle
February 2006
Dogster HQ
August 2006
November 2006
Muffie -- RIP 12/17/2007
December 2006
Dogster HQ
Muffie -- RIP 12/17/2007
January 2007
Muffie -- RIP 12/17/2007
**Roxy F**
Suzy Q Austin
February 2007
Dogster HQ
April 2007
Joshua Bernard
Angel - Rainbow Bridge Angel
July 2007
Dogster Dog
September 2007
Joshua Bernard
January 2008
The Odd Couple
The family of Angel Silky Schnoodle, Angel Soleil Shih Tzu, Precious Shih Tzu RIP, Angel Pepper Silky Terrier, Maddie Schnoodle and more!
Abigail! ♥
February 2008
The family of Coco Bean, Chloe, Molly (in loving memory), The Mandell Brat Set, Kobe --- adopted! and more!
November 2008
Bailey NWD
January 2009
Chloe Chanel

Rosettes Given

Gizmo has not given any Rosettes yet.

Special Gifts Received (15)

February 2011
November 2010
May 2010
March 2010
February 2010
December 2009
October 2009
June 2009
March 2009
February 2009
November 2008
August 2008
February 2008
December 2007

Special Gifts Given

Gizmo has not given any Gifts yet.

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