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Dear Dog Lover, Aug 18, 2008
Dogster Adoption and Rescue Resources

Adoption and Rescue Resources

Adopting a dog is one of the greatest joys you will have in your life. Make sure you know all you can before adopting and if you have adopted before, please share your stories and advice.

Dogster Adoption Center ››
Adoption & Happy Endings Forum ››
Choosing a Dog ››
Check out local listings for shelters ››

Read about amazing April (pictured left) ››

Free Febreze Pet Pal Pack!

Febreze Pet Pal PackHave you recently adopted a pet? Find out how to get a Febreze Pet Pal Pack and don't forget to give all your furry friends the free Febreze virtual gift available in our Gift Shop.
To Learn More Click Here ››

Make Your Pet Famous!

Bissell Pet Games Video ContestDoes your pup play games or have a special talent? Enter your dog in the BISSELL Pet Games Video Contest for a chance to have your pet appear on a BISSELL box!
Submit Your Video ››

Safe-Guard Canine Dewormer

Safe-GuardGreat new resource – and contest – for dog owners! Find out what every dog owner should know about intestinal worm infections.
Find out more at ››

Adoption Success Story

Adoption Success Sotry - KikiKiki is a rescued boxer, who never knew what it was like to walk on grass or receive a treat. Just a few weeks ago, she found her furever home with help from members of the Dogster community.
Read about her amazing story here ››

Answer This!

I am looking to get another dog, but I've never adopted beforeHelp out this member by answering this question, "What should I think about before adopting a dog?"

Share your knowledge ››

A Day In the Life of A Rescuer

Bernese Auction Rescue Coalition"Recently my wife and I had the pleasure of adding Logan to our family. He is a rescue from the Bernese Auction Rescue Coalition, Inc. It is a wonderful non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing..."
Read more in the For the Love of Dog Blog ››

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