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Dear Wonder Dog, Aug 4, 2008
Heartworm & Lyme Disease: Summer Bummers

Heartworm & Lyme Disease: Summer Bummers

Warm summer weather makes us all want to be outside playing with our furry friends. Unfortunately, ticks, mosquitos and fleas also want to play and these little bugs don't play nice! These pests heighten the risk for diseases in the summer months. Make sure your pet is protected.

Protecting your Pet from Ticks ››
Heartworm Disease and Prevention ››
Q&A: Lyme Disease ››
Q&A: Heartworm ››

Hate Fleas? You'll love this.

Lilly Pet HealthMonth-long flea protection in a chewable tablet. How easy is that?
To Learn More Click Here ››

CAH041 080108

Make Your Pet Famous!

Bissell Pet Games Video ContestDoes your pup play games or have a special talent? Enter your dog in the BISSELL Pet Games Video Contest for a chance to have your pet appear on a BISSELL box!
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This Week's Photo Caption Contest

Photo Caption Contest - Win 25 zealiesWhat was this dog thinking? Submit your entry by adding a comment to the Dog Blog post. Winner gets a prize!
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Answer This!

How do I keep pesky mosquitos away from my dog?Dogs need protection from mosquitos just like we do, but the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center does not recommend the use of mosquito control products that contain DEET. Do you know a good way to keep pesky mosquitos away from your dogs?
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