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This Week: Which Celebrity is Your Dog?
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Dear Dogster Member, April 28, 2008
Which Celebrity is Your Dog?

Which Celebrity is Your Dog?

Dogster challenges you to find out: Which famous star is your pooch? Take our brand-new Celebrity Pet Quiz. You'll find out which A-Lister your dog most closely resembles and have a ball comparing results with your friends and their pups. It's fast and fun, free and silly!

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You're Invited: Get Expert Training Advice—Live!

Uncle Matty, Dog Behavior ExpertDog behavior expert "Uncle Matty" Margolis has started his own group on Dogster, where he'll answer your questions live each week! Sign up now to attend the first live event on April 30.
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Are You a Pawsome Plusser?

Dogster Plus MemebershipShow your love by making your dog's profile the best it can be. Add captions and more photos, choose custom photo frames, spice up your pup's page with extra bio fields, read Plus-only forums and give away special gifts!
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