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Dear Dogster Member, April 21, 2008
We hope you're pawleased with our newest information resource and this week's special offers. Big woofs!
A Basic Guide to Dogs

A Basic Guide to Dogs

Only on Dogster: Read the essential guide to dog care. A vet and author tackle hundreds of owner FAQs and give useful problem-solving advice with a lighthearted approach.

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Love Your Pet, Hate the Shedding?™

FurminatorThe FURminator deShedding Tool reduces shedding up to 90% on your long & short-haired dogs & cats without cutting or damaging the topcoat.
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100% Nutrition and 0% Filler

EukanubaWhen it comes to dog food, what goes in is just as important as what's left out. That's why Eukanuba makes formulas with 100% Nutrition and 0% Filler.
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Join the Million-Acre Challenge

Million-Acre ChallengePledge to make your lawn green and safe for your kids, your pets and the environment. Click here to sign up and find pet-friendly lawn tips.
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The Party's Over for Fleas & Ticks

Promeris Flea & TickIt's time for something new. ProMeris® protects dogs from fleas thanks to an active ingredient that is not available in any other product. ProMeris® also offers effective control of ticks for dogs.
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