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Dear Dogster Member, March 17, 2008
Dogster Breed Pages Dogster Breed Pages
We're pleased as pooch to announce the launch of original breed pages, chock-full of helpful and fun information. We've started with the most popular breeds on the site, with more to come all the time!

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Join the Fun

Febreze Group

Join the Febreze® Air Effects Pet Odor Eliminator™ Group to hear about Febreze's new product for pet-lovers that eliminates odors in the air and leaves a light, fresh scent.
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The Party's Over for Fleas & Ticks

Promeris Flea & Tick

It's time for something new. ProMeris® protects dogs from fleas thanks to an active ingredient that is not available in any other product. ProMeris® also offers effective control of ticks for dogs.
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Take a doggie walk through Dogster Pet Pages by category.

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