October Holiday Woof: Dogs in Costume, Treats for You

October 25, 2007
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Dear Dogster Member:

Why wait till the 31st? Start celebrating now with our pooch parade and lots of special treats. Boo!

Howloween Extravaganza
Love seeing dogs in costume? Us, too. We've rounded up all the places where you can check them out on Dogster.

   »  Vote for Your Favorite Costume
   »  Browse Dressed-Up Doggie Photos
   »  Watch Adorable Pup Videos
   »  Give Ghost, Pumpkin, Black Cat and Bat Rosettes
   »  Find Out Who's Wearing a Pumpkin Outfit (pictured at right)

Free Pet Photo Greeting Cards
That's right: 12 4x8 personalized holiday cards from online photo partner Shutterfly await you. The festive cards look great and take just five minutes to create. Take advantage of this offer—open to any Dogster member with a Pet Page—today.

   »  Visit the Picture Perfect Pets Zone for Your Unique Promotion Code

Giveaway: AKC Travel Convenience Meals
Did you know that more and more dogs in the U.S. are becoming overweight? Many owners don't have time to feed their dogs properly, but AKC Travel Convenience Meals can help. These wholesome, portion-controlled meals come with a ready-to-use serving bowl that makes feeding your canine easy, seven days a week! Our friends at JAKKS Pacific are giving away free samples.

   »  Try the New AKC Meals

Save on Training Pads and Stain Removal
Our OUT! International pals are looking out for our hounds and homes. Their OUT! Deluxe Training Pads are 10 times more absorbent than newspaper and much more hygienic. And OUT! Pet Stain and Odor Remover breaks down the unique molecular structure of dog waste. Not only does it get rid of the stain, the formula was designed so pets don't return to the area to eliminate again.

   »  Get Super Savings Now
   »  Share Tips and Tricks in the OUT! Dogster Group

May All Animals Be Happy and Safe,

Dogster HQ
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