September Woof: Top 10 Breeds, Dog Tees and More

September 20, 2007
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Dear Dogster Member:

This week we invite you to meet the most popular breeds on Dogster, surprise your pooch with a pups-only tee and more. Big woofs!

Breeds Dogsters Love
According to our fun stats, these pawesome breeds have the most Dogster Pet Pages. Find info and photos for each breed here:

Labrador Retriever -- 33,329
Chihuahua -- 21,377
German Shepherd -- 14,265
Golden Retriever -- 13,234
Dachshund -- 12,414
Pug -- 12,340
Shih Tzu -- 12,119
American Pit Bull Terrier -- 11,449
Yorkshire Terrier -- 11,368
Beagle -- 10,719

   »  What kind of doggie appears in the photo at right? Find out her breed and see her profile.
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Doggie Tees and Tags
After far too long, we've finally been able to source and print dog tees we love. A secret command on the belly reads, "Rub Here." Too cute! We also made a new reflective ”I ♥ Dogster” tag.

The mom of cute Corgi Lola wrote us to say, "Lola's DOGSTER DIVA tee just came in today, and needless to say it was a spectacular photo op... took lots of pics of her where you can see the tee." Check out photos of Lola sporting her new shirt!

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Latest News on Recalls and More
Our For the Love of Dog Blog is the easiest way to stay up to date on important stories that can affect you and your dog. Editor, novelist and four-dog mom Joy Ward keeps Dogster members posted on pet food recalls, community happenings and breaking news. Here are some recent posts you don't want to miss:

   »  Bravo Chicken and Turkey Raw Pet Foods Recalled Due to Salmonella and Listeria
   »  Lead and Other Dangerous Chemicals Found in Chinese-Made Wal-Mart Pet Toys
   »  Online Scammers Trick Puppy Buyers
   »  VeriChip Corporation Microchips Linked to Tumors
   »  Dogster Barks in Request for Help With Symptoms of Canine Breast Cancer

Time Out's Cutest Pet Contest
Live in New York City or know someone who does? Our friends at Time Out New York are holding a fun photo contest to determine the most adorable dogs, cats and other companions in the Big Apple. Just submit a pic; it's easy!

   »  See Details and Enter Now

May All Animals Be Happy and Safe,

Dogster HQ
Dogster: For the Love of Dog

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