September Woof: Cute Puppy Pics, Bonus Zealies and More

September 5, 2007
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Dear Dogster Member:

Woof! Summer may be winding down, but the fun never ends at Dogster. Check out our new September Rosette, save on great pet products and more.

Puppy Love
Over 26,000 wee pups have Pet Profiles on Check them out!

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Save on Training Pads and Stain Removal
Our friends at OUT! International are looking out for our hounds and homes. Their OUT! Deluxe Training Pads are 10 times more absorbent than newspaper and much more hygienic. And OUT! Pet Stain and Odor Remover breaks down the unique molecular structure of dog waste. Not only does it get rid of the stain, the formula was designed so pets don't return to the area to eliminate again.

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   »  Share Tips and Tricks in the OUT! Dogster Group

New Rosette, Easy Zealies
September means back-to-school time, the harvest moon and the first taste of fall produce. Take a bite out of our shiny new apple Rosette, which you can award to any pet on Dogster or Catster. Get 25 of these super-special treats each month when you join DogsterPlus.

Have you visited Dogster Local? All you have to do is submit a quality review of a vet, kennel, restaurant or other spot in your area, and your account will be credited with five free Zealies to redeem for Rosettes or Stars; add a new local listing for two Zealies. Plus, members with the best reviews could earn Dog of the Day status.

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Daily Prize Pack Giveaway
WormXPlus helps you to manage your pet's good health by effectively treating and controlling canine worms. Now is your chance to score fun doggie items: a $20 certificate, a WormxPlus tee-shirt and Petrodex® Dental Bones, plus a Dogster tee-shirt, button and stickers. A new winner is chosen every day, so keep tryin'.

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Dogster Community: Meet Your Fellow Members
Dog Park USA, one of the most popular Dogster groups, has been working hard to plan in-person meet-ups for members and their pooches at local dog parks. These dog-dates include New York City (9/15), St. Louis (9/30), Thousand Oaks, California (10/6), Medford, New Jersey (10/6), San Francisco (tentative date: 10/6) and Columbus, Ohio (10/20).

For details, or to be put on a list for a meet-up in your area, send a pmail to Georgie.

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May All Animals Be Happy and Safe,

Dogster HQ
Dogster: For the Love of Dog

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