Dogster's July Woof Part 2: Good Fun Inside!

July 26, 2007
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Dear Dogster Member,

What's barking?

Hope you're lapping up summer! The pack at Dogster HQ is taking full advantage of the longer days by spending more outdoor time with our furry friends. And, we're barking up plenty of howling good ideas to make your Dogster experience more engaging and exciting. Ruff!

Keep Tabs On Your Posse With New Dogster Features
Keeping in pup touch with your Pup Pals (or Corralled Favorites) has never been easier thanks to Dogster's new recent-activity feature. In an instant, you'll be able to see which of your BFFs have made changes to their pages. Displayed altogether, you'll see their new photos and videos, and new scoopalicious diary entries. Check it out here.

Two other woof-worthy features: You'll be able to eyeball your recently received gifts from the homepage, and you can gift right back to the gifter from the same window. Sounds grrreat!

Grape-ade Rosette!
Get More Bark For Your Buck With DogsterPlus
DogsterPlus is brimming with countless tail-wagging features. The upgraded service includes the ability to add photo captions, 25 Rosettes to give away per month, access to special forums just for Plus members, and an enhanced email "Sent" folder so you'll never forget who you p-mailed. Even better this summer we are going wild with lots of themed Rosettes! And, your DogsterPlus subscription works on Catster, too. For a limited time, DogsterPlus is available for just $19.95/year or $3.50/month. Sign up now!

Doggone Good Dog Tip #109
Q: You've never had to put your beloved Butchie into a kennel before but the time has come. What are key things to keep in mind when finding quality care for your pooch while you're away?
A: As soon as you know that you will need to board your pet, start asking everyone in your circle (friends, vet, animal shelter, etc) for recommendations - Dogster Local is a great place to find listings and reviews. Once you've narrowed down the field do a little research on your own. Is the business a member of the American Boarding Kennels Association? Also, check with the Better Business Bureau to see if any complaints have been lodged against it. After finding a few that look good, call and see if the dates you need are available. If so, schedule a time to visit and put together a checklist of things to look for when you arrive. Is the place clean and is there sufficient ventilation and light? Is the temperature comfortable? Does staff seem knowledgeable and caring? What kind of space will your dog have? What is the exercise regime and what is outdoor space like? What is feeding schedule? Are veterinary services available? Once satisfied, reserve your space and enjoy your time away!

For more advice on a wide range of topics, head to Dogster Forums.

Dogster Community: Good Karma
We recently received this heartfelt p-mail from a Dogster member and thought we'd share his story.
Thank you for your good thoughts, good energy, prayers and the support you gave us when we were focused on trying to get Cooper healthy again. We sincerely appreciate your caring, kindness and love. Cooper heard every message and knew how much everyone wished him well. We read him every message and know he was really happy to have such wonderful friends all over the globe thinking of him and his humans.
We love to hear how Dogster has changed/improved/bettered your life. Keep barking those tales to If we use your note in an upcoming newsletter, we'll credit your account 10 Zealies!

Shout Out To Dogster
Looking for some fun ways to show your dog-gone devotion to Dogster? Stickers and badges do the trick. It's simple to make a badge for your pooch and then put it on all your other web pages. (Learn how here. Also, send in a self-addressed stamped envelope and score some Dogster stickers, perfect on car bumpers, notebooks and computers. Send to: Dogster Stickers, 555 De Haro Street, Suite 350, San Francisco, CA 94107.

Paws out!

May all animals be happy and safe,
Dogster HQ
Dogster, for the love of dog!

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