April Woof: Pet Food Recall Update, Tips on When to Bathe Your Pup and More

April 3, 2007
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Dear Dogster Member,

Howdya woof?

April showers, May flowers and all that jazz have our tails waggin' at Dogster HQ. Whether we awaken to raindrops or rays of sunshine, our days are always chockfull of wet noses and sloppy kisses. Here, we are diggin' up the latest dirt at Dogster.

Join DogsterPlus for More Puppy Fun
Calling all serious dawgs: Now is the time to sign up for DogsterPlus, which is brimming with fab features that will have you woofing it up. Just a few highlights of the service include: the ability to add dogalicious photo captions, access to a special Forum just for DogsterPlus members, and an enhanced email "Sent" folder feature, so you'll never forget who you p-mailed. Finally, your DogsterPlus subscription works on Catster, too. For a limited time, DogsterPlus is available for just $19.95/year and that comes out to just $1.66 per month for 12 months! Sign up now!

It's Raining Cats and Dogs on the Pet Health Zone
VPI's Pet Health Zone showers you with a variety of pet healthcare articles, fun tips and advice. This month: "Debunking Pet Insurance Misconceptions," how to reduce anxiety in "Stress-Free Visits to the Veterinarian," and the winning jokes from March's Favorite Pet Joke contest. You could be a winner, too. Enter the April Showers contest for a chance to win a $250 gift basket. Get in the Zone!

Pet-Food Recall Update
Most recently, rat poison and other chemicals have been found in the recalled Menu Foods pet food. This has effected more than 50 brands of dog food and 40 brands of cat food. Over 3,000 pets have been reportedly killed in this tragedy and it's believed more dangerous food may still be on the shelves. For the most up-to-date info on this serious situation, regularly check the Dogster Community Blog where all details are being shared faster then any newspaper.

Win a Quick Control® Collar and Leash
Our friends at Bamboo® have the coolest new products... The Quick Control® Collar + Built-in Leash and Leash + Seat Belt Latch. The collar provides instant control when you need it most. A simple tug creates an instant leash. The Leash + Seat Belt Latch is great for keeping your dog safe and buckled in the car. These innovative products combine safety, comfort and convenience for you and your dog. Enter here for a chance to win one of 50 sets of the Quick Control® Collars and Leashes.

Doggone Good Dog Tip #102
Q: With the warmer weather coming and lots of puddles and play time, poochie-poos are bound to get a lot dirtier, and, grr, smellier. How often can you safely bathe Fido?

A: The general consensus for bathing is to dunk doggie every four to six weeks, as more frequently can strip the dog's skin of its natural oils and dry it out. Using gentle shampoos will help if you need to bathe more often. In between bathing, doggie cleansing wipes, or even generic baby wipes, are invaluable.

America's Cutest Puppies
Everyone thinks their puppy is the cutest, but WE tv is on a mission to find the cutest puppies in America. From New York to Los Angeles and cities in between, meet thousands of adorable puppies as they compete for the title of America's Cutest Puppy. You'll be begging for more! Premieres Saturday, April 7, 2007 at 9pm (8pm central) on WE tv.

Dogster Community: Calling All Westie Owners...
Grab your Woofin' Westie and mark your calendars for the weekend of June 29, 2007. One of Dogster's loyal members has arranged a Westies Unite Meet and Greet in Charlotte, North Carolina. The dogenda includes lots of barkarific fun, from an afternoon party at a canine café (complete with puppy cocktails and hors d'oeuvres) to an afternoon romp at a local park and a sightseeing tour. So far, more than 30 Westies and their owners from around the country are confirmed.

Don't have a Westie? Arrange a ruff-housing extravaganza for your own dogalicious breed and let us know about it.

We love to hear how Dogster has changed/improved/bettered your life. Keep barking those tales to dogsters@dogster.com. If we use your letter in an upcoming newsletter, we'll credit your account 10 Zealies!

Bark at you later!

May all animals be happy and safe,
Dogster HQ
Dogster, for the love of dog!

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