Dogster Woof: How to treat a dog's bee sting, get on HGTV, more inside

March 22, 2007
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Dear Dogster Member,

Happy Barks from Dogster!

Well, we're more than halfway through March, and you know what that means? Spring is here! No more salty paws or, for those of us living in non-snowy climates, no more cold wet paws. Anywoof, here at Dogster HQ, we have lots of fun stuff to share.

Get Your Pup On TV
We at Dogster know how much you love your dog. And if you're one of those folks that pampers their pooch with handmade collars, treats, clothing, bowls, beds or leashes, HGTV wants to know about it. They're doing a segment all about something we at Dogster know all too well: People that love their pets! Read more about the possibility of being showcased in an upcoming feature on

Doggone Good Dog Tip #101
Q: Spring's coming! And spring brings bees, hornets and all of their stinging relatives. What do you do if your pup gets stung?

A: First off, you should always call your vet. Some pups, like humans, are allergic to bee stings. Vets will have the best answers. If your vet okays it, for future bites, you can use Benadryl-type drugs (make sure to use the right dosage for your pet's size and use the type that doesn't have acetaminophen - the main ingredient in Tylenol), or use a paste of baking soda and water to reduce the swelling and itch. In case symptoms change or worsen, keep the number of a 24-hour vet on hand.

For more advice on dog health and wellbeing, bookmark Dogster Forums and sniff out Dog Health.

New Movie: Year Of The Dog!
Paramount Vantage has a new movie coming out April 13th called YEAR OF THE DOG, starring Molly Shannon and John C. Reilly (catch a sneak peak of the film here). Dogster is teaming up with Paramount and Shutterfly to bring you an amazing photo contest with a grand prize trip to Los Angeles - where you and your PupStar will be given the red carpet treatment. So get that A-List-Pup-Picture ready and keep your nose to the screen for more info coming soon.

NEW! Sniff Out Breed-Specific Homepages
They're new. And they're furbulous! Homepages that are breed specific! We cover every breed out there - from Affenpinscher to Yorkshire Terrier. Each homepage provides a link to all Dogster dogs of that breed as well as breed-specific Forums and Groups. You can even find adoptable dogs! Find your favorite breed homepage now!

Bringing Out The Best In Every Dog
We wanted to pass along this special note we received from a fellow Dogster:

"Hi, I had the sad task of putting Cedar to sleep yesterday, and the support, stars and rosettes that have been flooding my inbox is just amazing. Thank you so much Dogster. It is awesome when I get a paw-mail to say that Cedar is happily running around the meadows of Rainbow Bridge. It heals my heart."

A big woof of support and thanks to the community for pulling together to get her through this very hard time. Got a story of your own to share? Let us know. Email us at and if we include your story in a future newsletter, we'll credit your account 20 Zealies!

Well, that's it for this edition of the Dogster newsletter. Tune in next month for more tips, tricks and general updates on what's new in the world of dog.

May all animals be happy and safe,
Dogster HQ
Dogster, for the love of dog!

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