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Dear Dogster Member, November 29, 2011
5 Tips for Great Dog Photography

Photographer Teresa Berg donated her time and skills to a Dachshund rescue group -- and the gorgeous photos she took helped every single one of the pups find forever homes! She shares with Dogsters her good ideas on how to take great pics of your pup, just in time for sending holiday cards.

Make your pup look awesome »

Save Some Bones for You and Your Pup

Save Some Bones for You and Your Pupdoggyloot, the #1 daily deals site for pups and their people, runs deals on all your favorite dog products at 45 to 90 percent off. Sign up for free at »

Sagittarians Make Great Dogsters

Sagittarians Make Great DogstersWe're in the sign of the Archer until Dec. 21. Dogster's Julia Szabo tells us about Sagittarians' compassion and energy and suggests some holiday gift ideas »

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