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Dear Dogsters, October 18, 2011
Spooky Style Picks: Our Top 10 Halloween Costumes
Spooky Style Picks: Our Top 10 Halloween Costumes

Here at Dogster, we love Halloween. It's a great excuse to dress our pups in fun, cute, or just plain outlandish outfits and go for an after-dark stroll in the neighborhood. Dogster's style columnist, Christine Martinez, has come up with 10 looks -- monsters and cuties, cheeky and sophisticated -- for your pup to parade in. Best of all, there's still time to shop for a superspooky outfit or two!

Check out the devilish doggie designs »

Submit Your Pet Tale

Purina: Submit Your Pet TaleEnter the Purina®Tales for the Pet Lover's Heart Sweepstakes for the chance to have Purina donate $50,000 to a pet charity in your honor and win groceries for a year! »

The Best Halloween Costume Ever

The Best Halloween Costume EverThis Halloween, we thought about dressing our dog in a tight tee and saying he's The Situation. We're a little slack sometimes. But then we were totally inspired by this pawesome AT-AT costume created for one very patient pup! Here's how it was made »

Want the Best Treats, 50% Off?

Want the Best Treats, 50% Off?Doggyloot is the daily deals site for pups and their people. Get 50 to 90 percent off dog toys, treats, accessories and more by signing up for free at »

Art We Heart: Doggie Thought Bubbles

Art We Heart: Doggie Thought BubblesEver look at your dog and wonder what he's thinking? Artist Christopher Rozzi created the "Tiny Confessions" series of miniature paintings to help our pets express their inner voices »

Giveaway: Crafty Canine Crochet

Giveaway: Crafty Canine CrochetFeeling crafty? Love dogs? Combine the two with Mitsuki Hochi's new book Ami Ami Dogs 2, which offers a bunch of seriously cute puppy patterns. Tell us about your favorite craft projects to win a copy »

Start Seeing Invisible Dogs

Start Seeing Invisible DogsWhat's an Invisible Dog? He's one of millions of pets without homes, waiting to be seen by someone like you! Take the pledge and help bring these dogs into the spotlight. Visit »

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