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Dear Dogster Member, Sept. 6, 2011
Herbs for Dogs: Heart-Healthy Hawthorn
Herbs for Dogs: Heart-Healthy Hawthorn

Dogster columnist and veteran journalist Julia Szabo is well known for her passion for keeping her dogs healthy well into their senior years with the aid of natural supplements. In the latest installment of Julia's series on herbs for dogs, she discusses the benefits of hawthorn, which is known for its positive effects on the human heart and circulation in general.

Here's how hawthorn can help pets and people »

Love dogs? Shop better.

Love dogs? Shop better.Take the pledge not to buy anything from stores that sell puppies, because most pet store puppies come from puppy mills. Take the pledge »

A Pup and His Cheetah

A Pup and His CheetahEver notice how your dog can have a calming effect on you? Turns out dogs also have a calming effect on, well, cheetahs! Check out this video »

Dealing with Ringworm

Dealing with RingwormWhat is the best course of action when your pup tests positively for (yuck) ringworm? Dogster vet Dr. Barchas weighs in »

Meet everyone's favorite dog!

Meet everyone's favorite dog!Bestselling author Harry Bliss introduces us to Bailey, a clever dog who goes to school like a normal kid - now if only he could stop eating his own homework! The critics say "Bailey is pure bliss!"

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