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Dear Dogster Member, August 9, 2011
Nom nom nom
The Real Story of Toto

History hounds, perk up your ears! Did you know that Terry, the Cairn Terrier who played Toto in The Wizard of Oz, was once a rug-wetter who wound up being abandoned by her people at a Los Angeles dog training school? This very same pup would go on to make more money a week than the Munchkin actors on set and was so beloved by actress Judy Garland that she tried to make a pet out of the canine superstar.

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Want the Best Treats, 50% Off?

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Dealing with Creepy Crawlies

Dealing with Creepy CrawliesRoaches are foul creatures indeed, but if you have pets at home you're better off staying away from the exterminator. Columnist Julia Szabo explores dog-friendly ways to drive these pests away »

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