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Dear Dogster Member, July 27, 2011
Contest Time!
Contest Time!

Howdy, Dogsters! This week, we're giving away a one-of-a-kind Dogster-themed Fip video camera, designed by our awesome in-house designer, Yuko! To win, waltz on over to our facebook page and upload a photo of your pupster enjoying the dog days of summer. Get your friends and family to vote your pet to the top - the dog with the most votes takes home the prize.

Show us your best summer shots »

Do You Blog About Your Pets?

Do You Blog About Your Pets?So do we! Join us at BlogPaws 2011, the only conference dedicated to the pet blogging community. Register today and use code BlogPaws-Dogster for 20% off »

Some Strange New Breeds

Some Strange New BreedsWe don't like "designer" dogs any more than you do, but we did get a kick out of this list of really ridiculous crossbreed possibilities. Check out these super silly breeds »

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