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June 14, 2011
To Dog Heaven From Dog Hell
To Dog Heaven From Dog Hell

Dear Dogsters,

While we sit here composing this newsletter, there is a dog in a lab somewhere probably not too far away who has spent his entire life in a cage or crate. He has never been for a walk, received a belly rub or been called a "good boy."

The Foundation for Biomedical Research estimates that there are some 60,000 dogs in US laboratories at any given time. Most are put down after doing their time, but a small minority get a chance at a new life.

Just last weekend, nine Beagles ventured out into the sunshine in San Jose, California, for the first time in their "lab rat" lives.

This is their story »

Dog Trainer Makes History

Dog Trainer Makes HistorySince when do dog trainers win Tony Awards? Bill Berloni has recruited and trained shelter dogs for stage roles for decades and this week he was honored with one of the top awards in show biz »

Ask Our Vet

Ask Our VetWhat are your options if your dog has a non-threatening cyst that just won't go away? Dogster Vet Dr. Eric Barchas tackles the topic on our Vet Blog »

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