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Dear Dogster Member, May 17, 2011
We're Looking for the Most Pawsome Pair
We're Looking for the Most Pawsome Pair

Are you and your dog undeniably adorable together? Put your best paw forward and upload a photo of yourself with your pup or pack for all to see in Dogster's Facebook photo contest!

Get your friends to vote you to the top – the most pawsome pair get to be the new face of Dogster's Facebook fanpage for two weeks, will be featured on the Dogster HQ blog and they'll gain some serious street cred at the dog park!

Game? Get snap-happy! »

Help, My Dog is Gassy!

Help, My Dog is Gassy!Everyone produces gas. This includes the Queen of England, supermodels and Weimaraners. That said, gas in excess might require a diet tweak. Dogster vet Dr. Barchas is on the case »

Wanted: One Dog-Savvy Man

Wanted: One Dog-Savvy ManHow hard can it be for a single lass with multiple large-breed pups to find the perfect dog-loving guy? Doggie lifestyle columnist Julia Szabo chronicles her adventures in finding Mr. Right »

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