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Dear Dogster Member, March 10, 2011
Back By Popular Demand
Back By Popular Demand

Two months ago we introduced you to the one stop online dog (and cat) food store, and the feedback has been tremendous!

PetFlow is the site that allows you to set a delivery schedule for your dog food and treats. That means in just 5 minutes you can eliminate those wet wintery trips to the store!

For those who haven't signed up yet: 1) Go to, 2) Pick your regular brand, 3) Set a delivery schedule.

That's it. They have a massive selection or prescription, premium, and organic pet foods, including a ton of hard to find brands. Best of all? They offer mindboggling FREE shipping on all orders over $59! Just use coupon code: dogster

That will give you free shipping for today and all your future orders too!

Let the FedEx team worry about the hassle, while you cuddle up with your pet and watch American Idol!

You can change or cancel your order whenever you want, and for those of you who have plenty of food right now, go check out, and then schedule your order for anytime in the future! They allow for 1 time orders, so try them out if you need to!

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