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Dear Dogster Member, February 22, 2011
Nom nom nom
Tasteful Tips for Storing Dog Food

Today's exciting topic is dog food storage. We know what you're thinking: what could possibly be interesting about that? Well, considering the high priority placed on food by the average dog, and the relatively low amount of storage space in the average Dogster's kitchen, there's actually quite a lot to talk about. Columnist Julia Szabo schools us on the best ways to keep food from going bad and drops stylish storage tips along the way.

See Julia's tips and share your own »

That Doggy in the Window

That Doggy in the WindowBehavior consultant Kim Pike shared a thoughtful guest column with us last week on what defines a puppy mill and how pet stores have become savvy at fudging the truth of a puppy's origins to customers. Read Kim's take on pet store pups »

A Second Chance for Courage

A Second Chance for CourageLast year we shared the story of Courage, a German Shepherd whose owner had starved down to a skinny 37 lbs. Today, under the care of his new family, Courage looks like a whole new dog! See this amazing transformation »

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