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Dear Dogster Member, February 8, 2011
Dog Aggression: Fact VS. Myth
Dog Aggression: Fact VS. Myth

Myths about dogs and aggression abound. There are so many out there that our behavior and training writer Casey Lomonaco managed to write not one, but five columns on the subject just last week. In them, Casey debunks 10 of the most common canine aggression myths out there and offers behavior modification tips along the way.

Get the facts about dog aggression »

Treats for Your Sweet

Barking DealsValentine's Day is around the corner and our pawsome pals at Barking Deals wanted to show you some love! This week all treats are half off, and Dogsters get an extra 15% off when using the 'DOGLOVE14' coupon code »

Labs Get New Bragging Rights

Labs Get New Bragging RightsEvery year, the American Kennel Club makes a list of the top pooches in the country, and we've just learned that Labradors are the top dog in the US for the 20th year running! See who else made the top 10 list »

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