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Dear Dogster Member, January 25, 2011
Dogs and Fear of Strangers
Dogs and Fear of Strangers

This week, veterinarian, author and applied animal behaviorist Dr. Sophia Yin special guest article with Dogsters regarding a problem she frequently encounters on the job: dogs who are highly apprehensive around strangers. If you have a usually-sweet pet who has ever snapped at someone new for no apparent reason, this is a must read. Dr. Yin discusses how puppyhood experiences can shape your pup's perception of people, how fear of strangers can be accidentally made worse by a dog's owners and how to set things right.

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Meet a Vegetarian Dog

Meet a Vegetarian DogMany believe that dogs absolutely need meat to thrive. Dogster columnist Julia Szabo used to think the same until she discovered that one of the healthiest pups she knows is a vegetarian »

Sniff, Sniff! What's That?

Sniff, Sniff! What's That?Can the food your dog eats affect the way his coat smells? And if so, should you consider switching food brands? Dogster's resident vet Dr. Eric Barchas investigates the subject »

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