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Dear Dogster Member, January 6, 2011
Our Best Kept Secret
Our Best Kept Secret

We want to tell you about an incredible new site that delivers dog (and cat) food, treats and flea & tick medicine.

The site is PetFlow and they sell all the best products at a good price. What makes them unique is their auto delivery service: just tell them how often you want it, and you never have to worry about carrying heavy food again! (You can set an auto-delivery schedule or place a one-time order).

Here's what you do: 1) Go to, 2) Pick your regular brand, 3) Set a delivery schedule.

That's it. They have a great selection of pet food brands, and the customer support is amazing. Best of all, SHIPPING IS FREE with a special promotion for Dogster members. Just use coupon code: Dogster

That'll give you free shipping for life on any order of $59 or more.

So if you're like us and really really despise running errands in the cold wet winter, we highly recommend letting Petflow make your life easier

You can change or cancel your order whenever you want, and for those of you who don't need to order right now, go check out, and then schedule your order for anytime in the future!

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