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Dear Dogster Member, December 14, 2010
Keep Dog Pee Off the Tree
Keep Dog Pee Off the Tree

It happens all the time - you spend hours lugging the Christmas tree home, wrestling with lights and trying not to drop the heirloom holiday ornaments your great aunt left you - and the second you step back to admire your handiwork a certain pupster lifts a leg to add his own personal touch to your tree. You can't blame your pet, he probably thinks you got him a snazzy indoor potty for Christmas. But you can take measures to curb this behavior before the guests come over.

Here are eight ways to train dogs who mark the Christmas tree »

New! Eco-Friendly Training Pads

Simple SolutionsEco-Care Training Pads™ are the innovative pad created with groundbreaking technology that actually reduces landfill waste and maximizes absorption. Click here to learn more »

A Guide to Dog Chews

A Guide to Dog ChewsOverwhelmed looking at the endless dog chew choices at the pet store? See our list of pros and cons for the most popular chews out there »

Dogs and a Clean Home

Dogs and a Clean HomeCleaning up after our pets have left their fur, drool and smell behind is nobody's favorite thing. Our new cleaning section gives you tips and tools to get it done quick »

Dingo® Holiday Treat Sale - SAVE up to 60%

SAVE up to 60% Last minute sale on Dingo Holiday Dog Treats. Up to 60% off! Order by 12/15 to receive in time for Christmas. Click Here! »

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