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Dear Dogster Member, December 7, 2010
A Spice for Humans and Dogs to Share
A Spice for Humans and Dogs to Share

One of the most prized items in Dogster columnist Julia Szabo's pantry is cinnamon, the fragrant spice she and her dogs enjoy every day of the year. Julia's pups get cinnamon sprinkled over their food at every meal and she likes it in her chai and curry. Traditionally, cinnamon has been used to remedy everything from nausea to flatulence and boost energy and circulation in humans. But there many pluses for our furry friends, too!

Learn about the benefits of cinnamon for dogs »

Safe Air Travel For Pets

Petairways: Safe Air Travel For PetsOn Pet Airways, pets fly comfortably in the main cabin, not in cargo - and always under the care of an on-board Pet Attendant. Fares as low as $99 one-way. Book now »

Are You Really Ready for a Second Dog?

Are You Really Ready for a Second Dog?A hot topic in the Dogster forums these days is the question of adding a second dog to your household. Our behavior and training columnist Casey Lomonaco lists some things to consider before taking the plunge »

SpotBot® Pet Handsfree Spot Cleaner

SpotBot Pet Handsfree Spot CleanerThe SpotBot® Pet Handsfree Spot Cleaner removes tough pet stains with the push of a button. Its Deep Reach Technology® cleans from the bottom up, where the toughest stains reside. Click for a $20 Rebate »

How Poisonous is Garlic for Dogs?

How Poisonous is Garlic for Dogs? After a Pug mix named Beanie swallowed a piece of garlic, his mom wrote a worried note to Dogster vet Dr. Barchas. Read what the doc had to say about dogs and garlic »

Enter the Nature's Miracle® "Grooming and Bathing My Dog" Stories Sweepstakes!

Nature's MiracleSubmit a story and photo of your dog and you could win a free supply of New Nature's Miracle Grooming Products! Enter Now! »

Awwwwwwwww of the Week

Aww of the WeekIf you need a heartwarming tale to balance the negative news out there, check this out. An "inseparable" goat and Great Dane have found their forever home...with a three-legged doggie pal. Disney, here's your next movie »

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