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Dear Dogster Member, November 30, 2010
Presence vs. Presents
Presence vs. Presents

Too often the holidays become a time when we attempt to demonstrate our love for friends, family and fur children with the amount of money we spend on them. Dogster writer Casey Lomonaco contemplates how the season for sharing becomes a season of stress in this thoughtful column and clues us in on what every dog truly wants for the holidays. Hint: it's worth more than gold but won't cost you a dime.
Why your presence is worth more
than presents »

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Can Dogs Take Aspirin?

Can Dogs Take Aspirin?Aspirin has been widely used as a pain killer in dogs. But is it really safe to use on our furry friends? Dogster's resident veterinarian, Dr. Eric Barchas, discusses the matter on our Vet Blog »

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