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Dear Dogster Member, November 23, 2010
Eight Tips for a Yappy Thanksgiving
Eight Tips for a Yappy Thanksgiving

Our dogs enjoy the Thanksgiving festivities as much as we do, with bits of this and that falling to the floor and delectable smells floating through the house. But turkey day mustn't be a free-for-all for our furry friends. Just because we try to pack away all we can doesn't mean our dogs should do the same. And there are certain items our pets really need to avoid.

Keep your dog safe by following these eight simple rules »

Safe Air Travel For Pets

Petairways: Safe Air Travel For PetsOn Pet Airways, pets fly comfortably in the main cabin, not in cargo - and always under the care of an on-board Pet Attendant. Fares low as $99 one-way. Book now »

SpotBot® Pet Handsfree Spot Cleaner

SpotBot Pet Handsfree Spot CleanerThe SpotBot® Pet Handsfree Spot Cleaner removes tough pet stains with the push of a button. Its Deep Reach Technology® cleans from the bottom up, where the toughest stains reside. Click for a $20 Rebate »

Vote for the Best in Show!

Vote Best in ShowRound one of the World's Coolest Dog and Cat Show is over and we've gone through thousands of entries to bring you the 75 best dog photos on the Web! Only one dog can be "Best in Show," so vote for your favorite today »

Turmeric: Not Just for People

Turmeric: Not Just for PeopleDid you know that sprinkling a tiny bit of turmeric powder over your dog's food can help ward off dementia or the discomfort of sore, painful joints? Learn more about turmeric's healing properties »

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