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Dear Dogster Member, November 9, 2010
Dogs and a Clean Home
Dogs and a Clean Home

Isn't it amazing how the cuddliest creatures on earth can also leave the smelliest messes inside our homes? We're talking pee stains, liquid messes only an upset canine tummy can cause and pet hair everywhere. We know cleaning up after our pets isn't anyone's favorite thing, so we've compiled lists of the best products and home remedies to help arm you in the face of doggie clean-up disasters!

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This is Where True Wellness Begins™

This is Where True Wellness Begins(TM)Try Wellness(R) Natural Pet Food today. SAVE $5.00 OFF any bag of Wellness Dry Food for Dogs or Cats. Click here for coupon.

When is a Fence Not a Fence?

When is a Fence Not a Fence?A Dallas couple is upset that their Springer Spaniel was picked up by animal control for running loose, though their dog was contained in their yard by an invisible fence. Who do you think was right? Join the discussion »

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