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Dear Dogster Member, October 26, 2010
Are Paws Allowed On Your Bed?

Are Paws Allowed On Your Bed?

Should your dog be allowed to share your bed? For one reason or another this subject can get pet parents riled up, with one side adamant about keeping paws off the sheets and the other side defending their right to snuggle with their bundle of fur. Our dog training columnist Casey Lomonaco weighs in on the subject »

A Dog By Any Other Nameā€¦

A Dog By Any Other NameHow many languages can you say the word "dog" in? Impress your friends by learning a few dozen more! Check out this rather extensive list»

Gotcha and Rainbow Days

Gotcha and Rainbow DaysWe recently updated the site such that you can make sure your Dogster friends know when your pet's gotcha and rainbow annifursaries are. Update your profile today! Here's how »

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