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Dear Dogster Member, August 31, 2010
Dog Aggression Triggers
Dog Aggression Triggers

People tend to forget about the family dog when a loved one has died or is dying. But aren't dogs sometimes deeply affected by the loss of a special person too? Is it safe to call what they're going through grief? Maria Goodavage of Dogster's For the Love of Dog Blog talks to veterinarian Michael W. Fox for some insight.

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Did You Miss National Dog Day?

National Dog DayLast Thursday was National Dog Day and our lifestyle columnist Julia Szabo took a moment to wax poetic about her beloved pet Sheba. How did you celebrate? If you missed it, it's not too late!

Puppy and Resident Dog Politics

The 10 Most Popular Small DogsDogster's behavior and training writer Casey Lomonaco recently brought a puppy home. She documents her dog Mokie's reaction to the new addition and the adjustment period that ensued. Read more »

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